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Cours : Jobhunting. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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To hunt (chasser) – hunting (la chasse) – a hunter (un chasseur)

Jobhunting = looking for a job = a job hunter

  • It’s when a job hunter meets different recruiters in the same place for a certain time

List all the methods you know to find a job

  • If I were looking for a job, I would :
  • Write a letter of application
  • Directly go to companies and give my letter of application + CV
  • Speak with the people I know (family, friends) / use my network
  • Consult job offers on the internet and daily newspapers
  • Call companies and ask if they habe a job available

The CVIV or Video CV

List the advantages and drawbacks of posting a CVIV on the Internet.



  • More lively
  • More attractive an interactive than a paper CV
  • More modern and original
  • Good to explain your motivation
  • Less stressful than a traditional interview
  • A recruiter can see the candidate’s attitude
  • Any person can see your CV
  • It’s convenient because if you don’t have time to apply, you just send the link of your CVIV
  • You can skip a passage if you are not interested in it
  • It shows the computer skills that the candidate has
  • The recruiter has to connect to the Internet to see the CV
  • It’s not appropriate for all types of jobs
  • You can’t see the possible stress of the candidate, beaucause he/she is not in front of you
  • It mustn’t be too long
  • If you want to modify your CV, you have to do it again
  • It lacks seriousness

Social Network

Advantages for recruiters :

  • Free more personal information on job seekers
  • Best way to know their real personnality
  • More interactive
  • It’s time-saving
  • They can follow many profiles at the same time, compare them and select the best ones

Advantages for job hunters :

  • Finding lots of offers
  • You can exchange with companies directly
  • If your profile is exceptional you can get a job

Dangers for job seekers :

  • Companies can get into your private life

Rappel : I agree with you / I disagree or don’t agree with you

Video : Employers ask job applicants to open Facebook profiles

  1. Employers ask job applicants to open their Facebook profiles during the job interview.
  2. Vernon Alford agrees with this practice, for him it’s not a problem.
  3. If your profile is private, people may think that you have something to hide.
  4. Captain Sexton says it’s legal for employers to ask for your login information.
  5. Never give a password to anyone.
  6. Because you don’t know what they can do on your profile.

Do you think employers should look at your web profile before hiring you ?


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