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Immigration aux Etats-Unis

Compte rendu : Immigration aux Etats-Unis. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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1.It is more and more obvious for those who live along the Mexican border or those who try to protect it that a totally inviolable border doesn’t exist more than crime-free cities do.

2. Even in the zones where vertiginous height walls can be found overhung by drones and helicopters, a way to bypass surveillance can be found.

3. In San Diego, a few hundred immigrants arrived by boat today as the imposing walls that cost 16 billion dollars for every 0,9 mile that are regularly crossed using ladders rent for 35$.

4. A legislation to restrict the rights of immigrants or to make it more difficult for their employers to hire them has been voted in more than a dozen of states since 2006. The same word of mouth that used to attract people to the North back in time is now discouraging them to risk the journey.

5. The speech has been an uncomplicated and passionate attempt by the President to explain one of the boldest and most controversial decisions in the six years spent in the White House.

Correction :

1. It is increasingly clear to those who live along the boundary with Mexico-or who try to protect it- that there is no such thing as a completely secure border, just as there are no cities without crime.

2. Even in areas with towering walls and drones or helicopters overhead, border security can be breached.

3. In San Diego, a few hundred immigrants a year now arrive by boat, while the imposing fences that cost $16 million per mile are regularly overcome with ladders rented out for $35 a climb.

4. Laws restricting illegal immigrants’ rights or making it tougher for employers to hire them have been passed in more than a dozen states since 2006. The same word-of-mouth networks that used to draw people north are now advising against the journey.

5. The address was a passionate and unapologetic attempt by the president has been one of the boldest and most contention decisions of his six-year presidency.

Règles :

Quand on transforme un nom en adjectif, comme ses six années de présidence en “his six-year presidency” par exemple → bien penser à enlever le -s de “year” par exemple.


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