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Dossier 2. Les attentats du 11 septembre 2001.

  • Photo 1. The morning of september 11th 2001, four planes of line were diverted by 19 terrorists.
  • The two first one planes were managed on twin tower of World Trade Center, the symbol of the économy.
  • The third was managed on the Pentagon, the seat of the defense.
  • The fourth was has destination of the White House, symbol of power.
  • Photo 2. Flight 11 American Arlines. It took off in 7h59 of Boston for Los Angeles. It was hijacked by 5 terrorists.
  • Photo 3. It collied the north face of the due north tower of WTC in 8h46.
  • Photo 4. The one tower callasped in 10h28 let be 1h42 the impact.
  • Photo 5. Flight 175 United Airlines. It took off in 8h15 of Boston for Los Angeles. It was hijacked by 5 terrorists.
  • Photo 6. It collied the south face of the due south tower of WTC in 9h03.
  • Photo 7. The second tower callapsed in 9h58let be 56 minuts after the impact.
  • Photo 8. Flight 77 American Airlines. The third planes took off in 8h20 of Dulles ( Virginia ) for Los Angeles. It was hijacked by 5 terrorists.
  • Photo 9. It collied the west of Pentagon in 9h37.
  • Photo 10. Flight 93 American Airlines. It took off in 8h42 of New Jersey ( New York ) for San Francisco. The last planes was hijacked by 4 terrorists.
  • Photo 11. It is crushed in 10h30 in Skansville, Pennsylvanie.
  • Photo 12. It was has destination of the White House.
  • Photo 13. There was 403 Firemans and policeman died.
  • Photo 14. 2 977 victims in all.
  • Photo 15. And 19 terrorists.
  • Photo 16. We count more than 6 thousand wounded personns.
  • Photo 17. More than one millions tons of rubbles were to clear of the site.
  • Photo 18. In 2004, the site was renamed « Ground Zero » and welcome the «  Freedom Tower ».
  • Photo 19.The memorial is made by two square ponds place in the location of the twins tower. The square is feed by water falls.
  • Photo 20. The mouvement of the water represents the fall of tower. The water recycled constantly represents the memory of the American poeple «  Time goes but we shall never forget. » .
  • Photo 21. The circonference of ponds carries the registration of the name of all the victims of the WTC burnt on some bronze.
  • Photo 22. We can see of numerous roses put down by the employés of the site the days of birthdays of the victims.
  • Photo 23. The memorial is free but we can donate thanks to urns present everywhere on the site to contribute to the alternation works.


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