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For a while, students have been using computers to accommodate their studies. They use it in a way to comprehend certain subjects. But, what if they were used to replace teachers?

First, computers are way more effective and efficient. They are always updated with the latest information, this makes it so that the information does not contain any errors and that it is accurate. With billions of users and many educational websites, the data is usually responsive to changes as quickly as possible. Students prefer working on computers because typing is smooth and faster than writing. It allows students to perform good research and help them understand topics by experiencing different forms of teaching. A survey made from Vital Source Technologies reported that 78% of students prefer digital course material.

Secondly, computers take less time to set up and don’t show emotion. Usually, at the beginning of a class, it takes time for the teacher to get the technology set up. Whereas a computer is ready to work in a few clicks. When teachers teach, they can show emotion, and this makes it so that the lesson could be amazing and uplifting or displeasing. They could get angry and ruin the student’s learning experience. This could have a negative impact on the teacher by making them experience a burnout and influence their teaching and their professional lives. According to the 2017 Educator Quality of Work Life Survey made by the American Federation of Teachers has reported that 58% of participants have cited poor mental health.

Thirdly, these devices are helpful for students for studying. With independent studies, computers allow for scholars to practice their lessons at their own pace. They can work ahead if they find the lesson to be easy and take extra time if they are harder. Computers give access to digital learning technology such as online quizzes to help them get better grades, better understand topics and improve students’ academic lives. A survey made from McGraw Hill reported that 81% of students


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