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Dossier DNL Bac Pro hôtellerie, Calcot Manor Hotel & Spa (document en anglais)

Mémoire : Dossier DNL Bac Pro hôtellerie, Calcot Manor Hotel & Spa (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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My Training period in :

Calcot Manor Hotel & Spa

I) Description of the Hotel & Spa

Dating back to the 14th century, Calcot Manor is more than a country house hotel set in over 220 acres of Cotswolds meadowland. In our grounds, you’ll find lots to do and see during your stay.

There are 35 individually designed rooms to choose from, including suites for couples and accommodation for families. Choose from The Gumstool Inn for pub meals or The Conservatory Restaurant for finer cuisine. For well-being and relaxation, Calcot Spa offers fabulous facilities and classic treatments and The Barn with its meeting rooms, spacious courtyards and facilities is perfect for business events, weddings and entertaining.

Loved by the locals and cherished by guests, Calcot Manor is a friendly place that guarantees everyone a warm welcome. We just want you to enjoy yourself, be yourself and please yourself. After all, that’s what staying somewhere special should be all about.

Entrance of the hotel

II) My experience in Calcot

During two month I worked in a very beautiful restaurant in the hotel, his name was “The conservatory Dinner”, is a gastronomic restaurant reserved for the customers of the hotel.

My job in the restaurant was very different but a lot of time my job ware take the dishes in the kitchen and transport him at the table of the customers. His not a very interesting work but for start my experience it was an important task. After two week in the restaurant I’ve started to serve the groups (For birthday, wedding, conference...), the manager placed at this job for speak and explain with the customers, for me it was a good integration with the team and the customers because I’ve spoke English for present the dishes, serve the wine and I’ve spoke English with the team for coordinate the different task.

After one month in the restaurant I’ve start to work in the bar and it was for me the best experience in the hotel because sometime at was alone at this post and I speak with the customers about the life and culture in England and I explain to them my life in France and it was very interesting about the life. And two times I’m charged to do the command of drinks, wines and champagnes, on the computer of the hotel

And the last week I’m charged alone the bar because the barman was in holyday and for the manager it was a very good gift to place me alone on the bar because I have worked very well all the training period.

The last day the manager has speak with me about my training period, my impression about it and at the and of the interview he has pay me five hundred pound for my very good job and I has taken my curriculum vitae because if I want to work after my studies in the Calcot restaurant he have no problems for the general manager.


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