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A formal email

Fiche : A formal email. Recherche parmi 260 000+ dissertations

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A formal email

Dear sir/madam > to whom it may concern





The text

I am writing to you with / regards, reference / to

I am sending you this email because

With reference to our last /conversation, meeting, e-mail/

                                                         The reservation                             to

Make a request

Can i ask  for a brochure

Could i have

May i see

           Talk/with to

Is it possible to

Could you please let me / know about/ have/ organise

I would like to                                                                         i would love (j’aimerais)

Give information

I am happy to information you that

We are glad


Should you require any further assistance                        further(en plus)

                Have any further question

Then please do not hesitate to contact me

To complain  

i/we are writing to you because

i am not /happy, dissatised, dissappointed /with


i regret to say that

i would like to /complain,receive, speak to, know why

apologise (demander pardon)

i am sorry for

i apologise for any inconvenience caused

please accept /my, our/ apologise for the delay

an attachement (pièce joint)

you will /fin,see/ that i have attached (the file, the document, the PDF fil, the spreadsheet)

Please see that

I am attaching

 Please fin attached

I hope you are well ?

            Everythings is ok ?

To end the mail

I look forxard to hearing form you

Regards                         all the best

Kind regards                        take care

Best regards

Yours faithfully > dear sir/ madam

Yours sincerely  > dearr Mr/mrs/miss smith

John with an H

_ underscore

@ at

. dot

Tout attacher = all together


Dear madam sellerin

I am writing to you because i can not go to school  this week because  i’m sick sorry for my absence

Yours sincerly


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