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Great famine

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Coffin ships carrying immigrants escaping the famine , crowded and disease-ridden (=plein de maladies)with poor access to food and water resulted in the death of many people as they crossed the Atlantic and led to the 1847 American typhus epidemic.

Coffin Ships were the cheapest way to cross the Atlantic, mortality rates of 30/100 (up to) aboard were common. It took 40 days to cross the Atlantic.

It was said that sharks followed the ship because so many bodies were thrown overboard.

A ship in poor condition that was overloaded and overinsured was more valuable to its owner if it sunk.

Policial institutions set up Workhouses to help the poorest population of Ireland. The workhouse has been described as “the most feared and hated institution ever established in Ireland.” The workhouse was an institution which operated in Ireland for a period of some 80 years, from the early 1840s to the early 1920s. There were 163 workhouses in total. If people could not support themselves, they could come into the workhouse. Here they would do some work in return for food. People had to stay and live in the workhouse and so the system was known as indoor relief. This was a way for the landlords to clear the land of tenants who could not pay rent. The road to the workhouse became known as ‘pathway of the dead’ as more than a quarter of those admitted died inside the workhouse due to the dirtiness and illness of the occupants.

The workhouse was not a prison. People could leave if they liked.

Thousands of Irish people die or flee to the United States. Thousands of Irish people reach the American coast, and form a veritable Irish diaspora, which still exists to this day. This famous "American Dream" opens up new perspectives for them, both in economic terms and in terms of Ireland's struggle against British domination


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