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Introduction to Management Assessment Task 1: What does it mean to be an effective manager in a diverse workforce?

Résumé : Introduction to Management Assessment Task 1: What does it mean to be an effective manager in a diverse workforce?. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Megan Xing Xin Ng  s3778694

Introduction to Management Assessment Task 1: What does it mean to be an effective manager in a diverse workforce?

An effective manager is who can control and/or administer a group of people to produce the most outstanding result (LMA 2015). A diverse workforce means that this group of people are different in age, gender, physical and mental ability, believes, background, culture and so on (Green, López, Wysocki, Kepner 2012).  This essay is talking about what does it mean to be an effective manager in a diverse workforce and will cover four main points, which is digital, theory, diversity and communication. The final section will be a conclusion.

Every organisation more or less will face some multigenerational problems. The most obvious problem is in digital. Workers can be roughly separated into four generations, which is traditionalist, baby boomers, generation X, and millennials. Traditionalist generation and baby boomers are more comfortable with face-to-face communication rather than online communication while generation X and millennials are more able to accept new technology (Coulter & Faulkner 2014). An effective manager should organise training and campaign whenever new technology had rolled out to ensure that workers are always updated and effective (Hannemann 2017). An effective manager should also take time to educate his or her workers about the generational issues so that they can be more effective and intergenerational understanding can be improved (Bursh & Kelly 2014).

        There are a few theories related with an effective manager in a diverse workforce. One of the theories that can be applied in a diverse workforce is engaging management suggested by Henry Mintzberg. Mintzberg (2011) thinks that true managers engage their workers with consideration and humility. These managers are able to bring energy to their workers and increase effectiveness. Another theory that is able to apply in a diverse workforce is the contingency theory. Contingency theory suggests that there is no single way to solve all the problems in the process of organising, making decision and so on. This is because there are different internal and external factors for each and every case (Grötsch, Blome & Schleper 2013). This theory suggests that managers should manage risks and absorb uncertainty in every case they face, in order to improve effectiveness (Ortiz, Pellicer & Molenaar 2019).

        Diversity is usually known as acknowledge, understand, accept, value and celebrate our differences with others’ in age, gender, physical and mental ability, beliefs, background, culture and more (Green, López, Wysocki, Kepner 2012). To manage diversity, an effective manager should develop self-awareness. He or she should be able to overcome stereotypes, understand that all individuals are different and appreciate the different valuable inputs the workers bring into the workplace (Chuang 2013). Besides, an effective manager should be open-minded. This means that the manager should be able to acknowledge that he or she is not perfect and is willing to listen to others without jumping to their own thoughts and opinions. An open mind leads to less judgmental listening, innovation, and more productive work time. A diverse and open-minded team can solve problems more effectively as they are able to consider one thing from different dimensions (Pita 2017). An effective manager should also need to make sure that all policies and practices in the organisation are inclusive to all and do not discriminate towards any employee. For example, allowing employees to choose their own holidays based on their religion and culture (Williams 2019). Voluntary diversity training may also evoke the pro-diversity response. The manager can also encourage workers to contact more with women and minorities, to arouse their desire to look good to others (Dobbin & Kalev 2016).  

English Oxford Living Dictionaries stated that communication is the process of exchanging information between one another speaking, writing or using some other media. Many managers had agreed that the communication process plays an important role in leading an organisation to success (Neves & Eisenberger 2012). Diversity in the workforce, especially different in culture may make the communication more difficult and this may cause misunderstanding. To make the communication process more effective, an effective manager should understand their workers, use the words and tone carefully to deliver messages accurately while not incurring any misunderstanding (Chuang 2013). An effective manager should also consider preparing the organisation’s communication in different format and choose the most suitable one (Mayhew 2019). Feedback may also be required to correct any misunderstanding and confusion in time (Skills You Need n.d.). Apart from that, an effective manager should clearly understand acceptable and restricted behaviour in different culture so that they will not incur any uncomfortable feelings of workers (Chuang 2013). There are also some ethical issues should be considered by managers. Managers are the major influential for their workers to function ethically. The normatively appropriate conduct such as honest and trustworthy should be demonstrated and actively promoted by managers (Kim & Brymer 2011).

        As a conclusion, an effective manager who can lead his or her team effectively is a major factor for an organisation to success. An effective manager in a diverse workforce should have some characteristics such as responsible, respectful, attentive, studious, able to react quickly and so on. This essay had roughly covered a few points which are digital, theory, diversity and communication in what meant by an effective manager in a diverse workforce. However, to become an effective manager in a diverse workforce, it is still a long way to learn beside these four points.  


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