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France Wales

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This article is taken from a specialized sport website (Eurosport) written by Lee WALKER on Saturday, October the fifteen.

This journalist is speaking about the rugby match France Wales at the Eden Park Stadium in Auckland.

In fact, France beat Wales to reach the world cup final.

Let resume how does this happened.

Alan Rolland was the refree of this match and had a special role in cause a red card for a Welsh player after 18 minutes which lead to a dismissal.

At this point of the match, the Red Devils were leading 3-0 with a 70 per cent territorial dominance.

Then, two first half penalties were kicked by Morgan PARRA to give France a 6-3 half time lead.

At the beggining of the second half, by a french scrum offence, Hook skewed two penalties wide of the right post before making a hash of a drop goal.

10 minutes after the break, Paul James collapsed a maul to concede a penalty for France. It allowed Parra to extend the lead, 9-3.

Afterward, the scrum-half Mike Philipps scored the only try of the match by a piece of individual brilliance. Welsh were back in the game. But the conversion attempt of Stephen Jones, that would have given Wales the lead, hit the upright. The same guy also miss a drop goal later before a penalty kick from halfway fell too short to be scored in the final 10 minutes.

The last chance of the Red Devils went through 27 phases in the additional time before the ball was lost to allow France to reach their third World Cup Final where they will meet against New Zealand.

To conclude, I can say that there were a lot of hash in the Welsh play and France were very lucky to win this match because that’s true, we win it but without the right way.

1. What type of sport am I talking about ?

2. In which competition am I talking about ?

3. Which stage of the competition am I talking about ?

4. Where does this match takes place ?

5. What’s the date of this match?

6. Which teams are faced ?

7. What’s the other name for the Welsh players ?

8. What was the score at the half-time ?

9. What’s the big event of the first half ?

10. Who won the match ?


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