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Edward Winslow

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Edward Winslow was born in 1595 and dead in 1655, he was the Governor of the English colony Plymouth in New England in 1636. He was a Pilgrim (took part to Puritans groups) and a Separatist, so he was in favor of the creation of new churches in America because he wanted the separation from the Church of England). He wrote a private letter extracted from “A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth” to one of his friends to explain The Indians’ life and their way of life. That is the primary source excerpt that we will talk about. This private letter was written in December 21, 1621. Edward Winslow talks about several things and gives several details to his friend for example how Pilgrims were welcomed, how Indians shared their customs with them and he also talks about the first Thanks Giving. Edward Winslow also wrote this letter to warn his friend on the possibility of his arrival in New England. Moreover, the author wanted to inform his friend about what he discovered about Indian culture and, he wrote the letter soon after the landing in Plymouth, he is doing a kind of daily briefing about his settlement, what they did concerning the Pilgrims’ set up, theirs work in the fields. We can say that it is a descriptive and informative letter. Indeed our analysis will firstly highlight the fact that this letter represents a major landmark in American history’s culture. Then it will emphasize on the way Edward Winslow convinces his friends and all English to come and populate the land that is to say New England.


The author of this letter, Edward Winslow is actually an historical figure, in fact he was the Governor on the English colony Plymouth in New England in 1636, and he was as we said before a Separatist who traveled on the Mayflower in 1620. The Mayflower was the Pilgrim ship that in 1620 made the historic journey from England to the New England. Because of the fact that this letter was written by Edward Winslow, this letter was considered as an authentic account of their journey and what happened there.

Indeed, the beginning of Edward Winslow’s letter start with descriptions of what the Pilgrims did when they arrived in Plymouth because we must remember that Pilgrims came to New England to colonize this area.


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