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Dissertation : IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER. Recherche parmi 240 000+ dissertations

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1. Gerry confesses through brutality and intimidation.

2. As Gerry is mistakenly taken for a sniper by the RUC, people start a riot to cover him.

3. Giuseppe dies as his health has kept deteriorating.

4. Gerry meets his old schoolmate Paul Hill on the ferry to Britain.

5. A trial in appeal is held and the Guilford four are proved innocent.

6. Gerry and Paul meet up with Charlie Burke, a tramp, when spending the night in a park.

7. A female lawyer, Mrs Pierce, finds a crucial piece of evidence for the Defence in the police archives.

8. Gerry and Paul, denounced by one of the squatters, are arrested.

9. Giuseppe decides to go to his sister-in-law’s in London and finds Gerry a lawyer.

10. The police bursts into Annie Maguire’s house and arrests the wole family.

11. The Court reaches the verdict, the defendants are all found guilty.

12. Gerry and Paul enter a prostitute’s flat and steal some money.

13. Giuseppe prevents his son from being kneecapped by the IRA.

14. In jail, Gerry makes friends with the IRA man.

15. Gerry and Paul end up in a squat where one of their home friends, Paddy Armstrong, lives

16. An IRA man confesses to the police he has planted the Guilford bombs.

17. The chied warden gets burnt by the IRA terrorist.

18. The prisoners start a riot and a blanket protest.

19. Loaded with money, Gerry goes back home to Belfast.

20. Gerry splits up with the IRA terrorist and decides to help his dad with the campaign.


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