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History of Australia

Dissertation : History of Australia. Recherche parmi 250 000+ dissertations

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History of Australia

I would like to speak about a fascinating subject: history of Australia. I choose this subject, because I love history, Australia has got one of the most captivating histories in the world.

The history of this country was done in two stages .The first begin there is more than 50 000 years with the aboriginals .The second stage is brutal and fast .It begins two centuries ago with the arrival of Europeans colonists

I) aboriginals

The aboriginals lived hunting and gathering .When the European arrived, there was a million Aboriginals which lived on this continent divided in 300 clans and speaking 250 languages. Every clan had a link with a specified territory.

II) Second stage is brutal and fast

In 1770 arrives the Captain James Cook who takes possession of the two thirds of the island. The first Brittany colonist became established on January 26th,1788 and actually constitutes the territory of the city of Sydney .

The January 26th is became the national holiday in Australia. At this time, in 1788, this colony is a penal settlement. Others british colonies were created and in 1901 they formed a whole federation.

Today, Australia is composed of six states and two territories ,each one having its own Parliament, its flag and its floral emblem.

Australia takes part in the 2 world wars .After the war Australia stayed very near the USA , so near that it took their currency “the dollar”.

Australia opens in the immigration, it matters near hundred of different cultural communities. This multiethnic immigration explains why Australia is tried, since a few years, to be transformed into republic .

In 2007, a referendum for to become a republic took place, but the answer was no.

Today Australia is always a constitutional monarchy of which Elisabeth II is the Queen .

For the aboriginals , Australia tries to change its behavior


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