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Exposé M&M's Eleve 3eme En Anglais

Mémoires Gratuits : Exposé M&M's Eleve 3eme En Anglais. Recherche parmi 237 000+ dissertations

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The M&M's industrie's is a very huge company based by Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie in 1935, hence the M&M's name's. (Mars&Murrie's)


In 1941, the m&m's make the happiness of the american's soldier sent to the line attack in Europe during the Second World War. They are sale like sweet easy to bring in their cardboard tubes.

The M&M's family

Yellow ! He's a little stupid, but is so cute and attaching.

Orange ! He's very fearfull, he is a mini's M&M's.

Green ! She is so beautiful, she believe she is a star and all of others m&m's are crazy of her.

Blue ! He's a beautiful peanut, he is the lonely m&m's who doesn't love Green.

Red ! He's a leader, he's very clever but he is often grumpy.

The m&m's family is a beautiful family, more, they are so nice ! Yum !


Who's Forest Mark ?

How many members are in the m&m's family's ?

What's color are their members ?


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