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This painting shows a scene which takes place in a chinese pub. We can see that thanks to the glow-lamps. In this scene, there are 3 men in the middle. One of these men is disguised in Pierrot the clown.

This man has this disguisement because of a betting. One night, he said to his friends that he could have his A-level, even at his age (because this scene takes place in 1852, and there was not so many people who couldn’t have the possibility to pass the exam), and if it’s the case, he will be disguised in clown all the day.

Finally, he succeded, with 15/20 at each subject! So he decided not to make party at his home, he was so proud he wanted to celebrate this day in a chinese pub. Why? It’s simple, the result’s day fell on the day of Chinese New Year.

Therefor, there he is, with his friends. He is really excited because now he can become a barber, winning money, and find a woman. Beside, the woman he loves secretly just comes in the bar. She’s about to take a seat and congratulate her friend. Pierrot the clown stresses, he smokes a cigarette to relax.

During all the night, he pays drinks to everyone in the pub. Pierrot the clown is happy.. Suddenly, Shirley, the woman he loves, says she’s tired and she quits the pub.

Pierrot is disappointed, but today is his day (and also chineses’ day) so he continues to have fun. At the end of the night, when the sun slowly comes up, Pierrot comes back home.

He puts off his makeup, and he goes to his bed pleased. He asks himself why he is so glad while he’s still alone. When he falls asleep, he finds the answer : even if you have no love in your life, you still have yours friends, and that’s what is the more important, with your family.


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