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Dracula, reactions to the play

Commentaire d'oeuvre : Dracula, reactions to the play. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Reactions to the play:

Two of us, enjoyed this play because we had no difficulty following the story, besides the actors’ speeches were easy to understand. Our favorite scene was when all actors began dancing and singing. We didn’t expect it and we laughed. After the nurses did the horses of the stage coach, we found the actors hilarious and energetic with some different personality traits. In our opinion the more interesting character was Rentfield. He was gripping and horrifying because we thought he was the best actor, he had a very difficult role; however he was true to life. Furthermore Rentfield was the narrator of the story, he related the other characters thoughts and the action, which wasn’t clear because one actor played different parts.

The other persons of the group, have two different opinions to qualify this play; beyond the energy of the actors and their enthusiasm performing their role in the play, we think the performance was quite boring as there was not any plot twist or an interesting intrigue. To be more precise in our opinions, there were many good points in that play: there were some stage effects which dramatized a little bit the play then, the actors were quite good (and they had a very good accent!); we could see they were totally in their role and speak much louder even if we couldn’t understand some scenes: for example when they began dancing and singing: for us it was too much. However, we found some bad points: there were not enough action scenes in that play which was disappointing. We think when you’ve seen Dracula’s movie even an extract, after seeing that play you think it isn’t a good adaptation of the novel or the movie. To finish with bad points, we think the actors acted so many parts that could confuse some of us: an actress of the play acted different roles, Lucy, a nurse and a vampire.


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