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To what extent is immigrating to the USA a mixed benefit for Americans and new-comers?

Dissertation : To what extent is immigrating to the USA a mixed benefit for Americans and new-comers?. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. Since then, millions of immigrants came to the US, the Promise Land. The diversity of foreigners' origins has built a nation of immigrants based on a famous melting-pot. In absolute terms, immigrants exchange their space of origin for another, judged better. But this diversity, yesterday appreciated and encouraged, is now put into question by some US citizens. Today, Americans and aliens are not always in wealthy terms, and their presence can be controversial. On the other hand, both sides can have cultural, economic and social advantages. But to what extent is immigrating to the USA a mixed benefit for Americans and new-comers?

First, the bedrock of immigration is a mixture of cultures and ways of life. Indeed, new-comers bring their usages and traditions. As Obama said it in his speech on Comprehensive Immigration Reform in El Paso, Texas, they define the USA ''as a nation of immigrants – a nation that welcomes those willing to embrace America’s ideals and America’s precepts''. Immigration brings to the country a new breath and new prospects. The president is proud of the diversity of countries represented in his nation. For him it is an asset for the USA. He encourages immigrants to come and fulfill their American dreams in the land where every dream can come true. The immigrants take advantage of this cultural medley. America wants to preserve and maintain their flourishing and varied culture. One of the best representations of it is in New York, with districts as China Town, Little Italy and Harlem.

Then, one of the best economic advantages of America is the great and massive low-paid labor provided by immigration. Unfortunately, this benefit isn't mutual. For example, in the cartoon representing the building of the wall between the USA and Mexico by Uncle Sam, we can clearly see the superiority of America. It uses immigrants to build the wall with the cheapest labor it could have. The authorities don't want to share their resources with people that are not from their own country. In Joe Heller’s cartoon, these same people are representing the practice of several menial jobs. Even if they are low-paid, it is sufficient for them, because they have a pay check they may never have in their own country. Moreover, even if some Americans say immigrants are taking jobs away, most of them would be unwilling to do its.

Finally, immigrants could really have high hopes when arriving in the US, but their expectations can be easily cut by social difficulties. This is mostly true for illegal ones. America and Candido, in T.C. Boyl's novel, endured those difficulties. They entered the US illegally to improve their living conditions. All these disillusions put down their American dream which is praised by the whole world. On the other hand, Mexican immigrants are stimulating the US economy, even if some Americans refuse to acknowledge their importance. This is represented in a cartoon named New American Gothic, a caricature of a Grant Wood's painting. An undocumented immigrants is working in an American woman’s farm and takes advantage of its importance. The social question of immigration is today, one of the hardest and most burning topic in politics.

The American motto “E Pluribum


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